The Challenge

Scotiabank was looking to create an environmental program that aligned with Scotiabank’s brand promise, “You’re richer than you think”.


The Plan

After numerous discovery and strategy sessions, the Green Living team developed EcoLiving, a multi-channel program that would not only advise consumers as to how they could save resources and energy by upgrading appliances, fixtures and insulation, but demonstrated how they could save money on those upgrades by taking advantage of provincial and federal rebates. EcoLiving’s online launch was followed up with a gorgeous magazine and a prestigious awards program that rewards innovators who are helping homeowners save energy and money.


The Result

The Scotiabank EcoLiving program realized significant earned media attention and Scotiabank won both the Green 30 Award and the Excellence in Corporate Responsibility Award. The awards program is attracting nominations from across the country and a panel of high-profile judges. The EcoLiving program has built a positive reputation for the Scotiabank brand among consumers, the business community and the media.