Clean Water Foundation

Clean Water Foundation’s I Don’t Flush Campaign

Working with the Clean Water Foundation and the Ontario Clean Water Agency, we created a public service announcement to inform the public on what can and cannot be flushed down the toilet. The campaign led to a flush of fantastic ideas including a pledge taken by well-known Canadians to not throw their unwanted medication down the toilet. With printed postcards, animated TV spots (that were also screened in theatres and online), radio ads and social media content, Green Living produced an informative, yet cheeky and fun approach to a significant environmental concern: protecting our Great Lakes and water treatment plants. We think it’s definitely number 1!

331 tonnes

of pharmaceuticals have been diverted from improper
disposal in 2013


increase in pharmaceutical take-back to pharmacies across
Ontario during the campaign

30 Million

media impressions

Services Provided

Audio Production
Art and Creative Direction
Content Co-Development
Marketing Communications Design
Media Buying
Motion Design
Program Co-Production
Project Management
Strategy & Planning